Auto reference upper limit value

Hi All

We have case reference data types using the auto reference as a base format with an incrementation of 1 and one of our applications has reached 6 figures.

Can anyone tell me what is the upper limit value of the the auto reference ?

Many Thanks


Hello David, as far as I am aware there is no upper limit on the value in an Auto-Ref Data Type. I have reached out for confirmation, but please assume that this is the case, unless I report back otherwise. I hope this helps.

Mark Pearson - AppShare Manager

Hi David, just to confirm, the Auto-Ref is 255 Characters alpha/numeric, so you are WELL under any number you are ever likely to hit on that front!

Regards - MP

The upper limit on the numeric part is over 2 billion, so you have plenty of room.

Thanks a lot to you both. We have room for quite a few more cases !