Booking Calendar Drag and Drop


I’m creating a service with a booking functionality and have started to setup a Booking Calendar Widget. I’ve noticed that the appointments can be dragged and dropped around the page but this doesn’t seem to actually change the dates of the appointments.

Is there a way to disable this as I can see it being quite confusing for people using the system?

Thanks, Ewan

Hi Ewan, I will endeavour to find an answer for you. Unfortunately the two people I know who might be able to answer your query are off now until Monday. If I cannot get an answer elsewhere I will refer this to our Booking experts on Monday.

Regards - MP

Hi Ewan, I have consulted with our resident Booking expert and he is not aware of a drag and drop function. Would it be possible for you to do a screen record (Preferable) or a URL with replication steps so he is able to see what is going on. Then he may be able to get back to us with and answer?

Regards - MP

Hi Mark,

Thanks for taking a look at this, I’ve tried to attach the screen recording to this reply.

You can see in the video that I can move it between resources and times of the day, as well as resize the appointment to change the duration. Then when I refresh the page it goes back to the original position.


Hi Ewan,

Thank you for providing a useful video to represent your findings, your eagle-eye has helped identify a bug in Liberty Create! :slight_smile:

To explain why; the ‘Booking Calendar’ widget is a display-only widget and therefore you shouldn’t be able to modify record data using these type of widgets.

The fact you are able to move a booking to another slot provides an indication to the user that you’re able to change the date/time of the booking - but that’s not the case. Due to the fact that this is a display-only widget, it is correctly not modifying the booking record. Therefore, the bug demonstrated is that you shouldn’t be able to drag-and-drop bookings to another slot.

I hope this clarifies the issue you’re experiencing on the widget. In the meantime, I have raised this as a Core bug in our platform, and will respond to you with a response once this has been patched.

Hi Ali,

That makes sense as to why it’s behaving that way, however, it would be good if the calendar could be setup to work this way, we’ve had some feedback from users that they’d like this feature. Do you know if there’s any plan to do this?


Hi Ewan,

Unfortunately there is no current plan to implement drag-and-drop functionality within this widget, considering it is a display-only widget. I would suggest raising an Idea in the Community for this so that we can explore this option in a future release, maybe an ideal solution is a new widget that displays like the ‘Agenda’ view but allows creating and editing bookings within it.

As a workaround, you could build a similar widget with this functionality within Code Studio, if you know JavaScript/Vue.

Hi Ewan,

We have now patched this issue, such that drag-and-drop functionality is no longer available within the Booking Calendar widget - This fix has been applied to all versions from Liberty Create 2021.1 onwards.

You will need to update your application to the latest patch to apply this change, which can be done via the ‘About’ page within the ‘System’ section of Liberty Create.

Thank you for spotting and reporting the issue, I hope we have provided a swift and satisfactory resolution for you :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for the swift response Ali. Top Job! MP

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