Booking Slot Issues

Good morning everyone,

I’m having an issues within an application where people are unable to book slots in a diary. The way the application work is users in a back office set available time slots, and public users view this list in an authenticated web-page and are supposed to be able to select from a list. They identified by their application reference number.

This works of an event which triggers a rule to link the public users application to the booking slot.

For some reason when this happens, the booking diary becomes unavailable. Please see the screen shot below:

Talked this through with Darren this morning and we have hit a roadblock, so any pointers or suggestions greatly appreciated.



Hi Sherif,

The only time I’ve seen something like this before is when I’ve used a Form widget to create a booking and not selected the diary to be used within its settings. Apart from that i’m afraid i can’t offer any additional advice