Booking widget setup

Hi guys, I have setup a simple booking system as per the guide instructions, but I get an error when I attempt to set up a booking. I go through the ‘select service’ screen selecting a service, into the select booking screen. Here I can select my booking time, and then add details of the booker. On pressing the submit button, I get the “Record not saved - Service Record is required” error message. I have double checked the page setup of both pages and can’t see anything different from the guide. Any assistance appreciated. Bob

Hi Robert,
I have created few apps with the Booking widget successfully setup and also seen this error more than once. I will try to recreate this scenario you mentioned and will update you accordingly. Asif

Thanks Asif, much appreciated. Unfortunately I am unavailable from now until Monday, so no rush.
Thanks again, Bob

Hi Robert,

I have replicated the issue on my side and I can see the error ‘Record not saved - Service Record is required’ is caused by the configs of ‘Diary’ allocated to the booking widget. Here is a screenshot of the error I am getting:

Here is a screenshot of the WRONG settings in the backend that cause your error:

And here is screenshot of CORRECTED settings to get rid of this error:

As you can see the Resource Allocation and Service Path settings need to be configured correctly in order to remove this error.

I hope it helps. If you require further assistance please feel free to drop me an email: