Bots & Flows Time of Day

We have a bot that is effectively needs to be reserved for specific flows in the day time but could take on more jobs in the evening. It would be really useful to dynamically link bots to flows by time, for example Flow A can run on Bot 1 between 18:00 and 08:00 and Bot 2 All Day. This would mean that in the day the flow would be able to run on one bot but in the evening it would run on two.

Hi David,

Thank you for your message to the community.

Appreciate you might have already considered this, but do you have especially long-running tasks (>1 hr)? If not, have you tried setting priority levels for the Jobs you are creating? As I understand it, the Jobs you’d want to execute during the day are more important in terms of timely results, therefore, if you would assign them a higher priority both Bots could work 24/7 and any prioritized jobs would be performed first (e.g. during the working hours, shortly after they are created).

Apart from the above suggestion, I believe this is a good feature suggestion to be added to!

Hoping the above helps!

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Morning Koen, we have tasks that take circa 7-10 minutes to complete but the tasks that come through in working hours need a bit more time. We have the longer jobs (non-time bound) set to low priority and then the more time sensitive to medium. The challenge with this is that if it has just picked up a longer job you could be waiting for up to 10 minutes for your higher level priority job to start.

I don’t object to having a quick job, more responsive bot dedicated to that but out of hours the dynamic changes and that bot will have nothing to do unless I manually add it at night and then take it off in the morning. The change suggested would make the bot much more efficient.

I’ll add to the ideas portal.