Central to host in Test studio

Any way to record processes that go from central to host in test studio? Or to trigger test processes in host from central so that they replicate how the system works?

Hi Jo,

Unfortunately Test Studio does not support the action of navigating from one Liberty Create application to another, for now. We are looking to potentially investigate the probability of whether this is feasible in the long-term

Because of this, automating between the two central and host applications will be tricky to do easily. The only real way you could do this at the moment would be to create individual tests and execute them manually on each application as you start to create/progress a case.

For example, you could create a test that would run through the process of creating a case for ‘Abandoned Vehicles’ on Host. Then over on Central you could have another test that you also manually trigger which asserts the details of the case and progresses it.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Note: There is a full list of Support and functions that is detailed in the Test Studio section on our Help Portal.

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Hi Ali,
thanks for the response… this essentially renders the test studio useless for our purposes.
But thanks for letting me know.

Hi Jo,

We’ll definitely consider this for the Roadmap.

As I’m sure you can appreciate the vast majority of our estate build solutions utilising a single application, Citizen Hub is slightly different in that regard. As Ali said there is a workaround but I appreciate it would make the set-up slightly more difficult.

We’ll keep the Community updated on progress,


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HI Richard, that’s great,
We think there is tremendous potential to increase resourcing efficiency for small teams by using the test studio, but the way we have built so far, Central and Host are so intertwined that the test studio often hits a redirect and can’t perform the rest of the test.
We were also hoping to use it as a training tool because it shows such a good step by step.
Thanks for the reply!