Changing sidebar in themepack


I’m creating a themepack for an interface and am trying to add some extra functionality/content to the sidebar, such as subtabs and pages for a viewport with a base object.

I can see a template for the header but I can’t seem to find one for the sidebar. Is it at all possible to change this?

Hi Ewan,

Unfortunately, there is no editable template for the sidebar in a theme pack. The only way to have full control over the content within it would be to create your own sidebar in your header.vue file. This would require you to duplicate or copy across the styling and layout of the existing sidebar and replace the links with your own.

This would essentially replace the existing sidebar with one you created yourself, so the Menu Position option in UI Customisation for your theme would need to be set to “None”.

Hi James,

I had already attempted to implement it this way but I was unsure of how to get the subtabs and pages that the logged in user has visibility privileges on. Would I have to manually define these or is there a code studio function that can do this?