Citizen Portal - multiple people at same address

We are about to go live with out Citizen portal but have a question around more than one person at an address and how people have dealt with this.

During testing we have found that once an address is connected to a customer that address is no longer available to new users. This obviously means that if there is more than one person at an address only one can register on the portal. We’re also thinking into the future that if someone moves out and doesn’t change their address on the portal or delete their account then a new resident wouldn’t be able to register.

How are people dealing with this? Is there a way to allow more than one person at an address (if so, how)? And if you are restricting people at an address how are you handling this with customers? Is this an issue for others or is it just us?

Hi Cathy,

The way it works now is the form to create a new user will allow you to create a record with an address without looking to see if there is a match in the database, which unfortunately doesn’t solve your problem.
We are doing some work at the moment to look to merge records that have been created, this might be an option for us to review with you.