Code Studio - CSS/Vue.js

I need to apply advanced CSS to my Liberty Create App (for instance, moving items in a dynamic list based on ID where using ‘nth-of-type’ etc. isn’t reliable). Anyone out there that can give me an idea how to use Vue.js (or jQuery) to implement this?

Good Morning,

Are you talking about custom widgets and presenters or general theming?
If you are building your own custom list widget then you can use vue with the html template.
However, if you are looking to override behaviour across all list widgets via theming then no.
Could you expand on your requirements please.


Sorry I realise I was a bit too vague I’m meaning more about general theming of a whole app, so for instance would it be possible to use jquery or something similar within a theme pack’s vue files to alter a sidebar’s individual properties based on their ID? rather than using css to alter the style of them as a whole?