Coming soon - manage your Agile projects!

Hi all

What if you had a portal that let your Users post ideas and bugs, and other users could up-vote those ideas, or bugs to show they support the request?

What if management reports showed Administrators the most popular requests?

Then, what if those ideas and bugs linked to an Agile Project Management system that converted those bugs and ideas into Projects, which could spawn Sprints, Stories and Tasks?

Maybe we could have Sprint Boards that let you move tasks between “To Do”, “In Dev”, “In Test” and “Done”?

Now, how about if your developers could log time against Stories to provide Project Management Reports?

How about if you could download all this for nothing?

Well, that’s exactly what is about to happen. The Netcall internal development team has built all of this in Liberty Create and the team is already using it for its own project management.

Very soon, we’re going to be adding this to the AppShare for you to download for free, and we’re so excited about this that we’re going to run a live show-and-tell session to show you exactly how it all works.

Watch this space for more news very soon!

Cheers, Tony


Really interesting and exciting development this! Look forward to seeing it

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It’ll be great if its built into the Citizen Hub Framework.

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Hi, yes we already had that thought and Tony will share more details soon, we are going to release as a stand alone apps and a module. As such there is no reason why you couldn’t build it into the CH Framework as far as i know.

Hello There, having just completed this work on our internal systems I can confirm that the Eureka (Ideas) Module, should be capable of being installed into an existing Citizen Hub framework with no issues. You will simply need to map the Module to the pre-Existing User and Messaging Objects in Citizen Hub and it should perform flawlessly! Regards - MP

Any news about the release of this yet ?! (for liberty create)

Hello There, it should be available in the next couple of weeks. We will announce here once the Eureka app is available on AppShare.


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