Concatenated List using Composites

Not sure if this is 2024.1 issue or not (or maybe I’ve just not noticed before) …

Seems you cannot use concatenated (across a relationship path) using composites ?

This is pretty frustrating if (for example) you wanted to have a list of related users (showing both forename and surname).

Thoughts ?


We will often create a new field the object to stamp the composite value into because of this (using a copy field values, on fields changed rule) It also has a positive effect on page load times as composites are calculated on page load so you don’t want too many of them in lists etc

Hi Haydn,

Apologies for any confusion caused, unfortunately composites are not supported in this context.

As Kevin suggests you could use a rule to write the composite to an additional property in the object, which would then be selectable when in comma seperated value mode across a to many rel path.


Thanks for the comments chaps.

Understood and I guess there are probably some good reasons why this decision has been made.

With the appropriate application of time and thought - I’m sure there are loads of ways this can be worked around. Kevin’s idea is probably the least impact solution but probably something in code studio might be more fully featured depending on requirements.

Not a problem for now - just thought I would raise the point for discussion.

Hi Haydn,

Composites need to be processed in real time, on the fly so to speak, and so can be costly at run-time, especially when used in Lists.

It is good practice to copy frequently used but reasonably static data such as Forename and Surname composites to the record itself.

This can be done by creating an additional property for Full Name in the User Object then creating a rule to fire on event Fields Changed.

Then add all fields involved in the composite as part of the trigger, this may include a Title as well.

For your response set the action to Copy field value(s) and set your From as the composite and your to as your newly created Full Name property.

Hope this helps.