Concatenated lists of Text based composites

I would like to be able to include concatenated list aggregates of text based composites but currently this is not possible. The main use that comes to mind is asking for a first name and a surname, then using a composite to combine them, then needing to list out the combined names. I’m sure there are other points where listing out combined text fields might be useful.

The obvious workaround is to use a rule to store the composited data in a property but are there any other workaround suggestions? Could this simply be added as a feature?

You can concatenate a normal text field in an aggregate and as well with function composites.

Seems strange why you can’t do this with text composites and I am sure it would be of use for people working with groups/aggregates.

An example I’d like to achieve is a list of concatenated users names (first name and surname composite) that are assigned as managers to a particular resource. Concatenated just their first names or surnames isn’t very useful. This means the user has to currently drill into a resource so it can have a separate list of the resource managers using the standard list component.

Hi Ali,

We advise that composites are used sparingly where that data is likely to be displayed in a table or list; as this can cause latency at runtime, as composite fields are calculated dynamically.

Forename, Surname or other combinations thereof are unlikely to change, I would advise you to use the copy field action after user record update to copy the composite to an object property. From here you can then easily use it in another composite to suit your scenario.

Please let me know if you have an issues.

I think this is the first time we’ve been told to use them sparingly, so I’ll make sure it’s passed round the team. Thanks for the info! It might be worth updating your documentation page with the recommendation to use them sparingly.

Hi Ali,

There is no issue in using composites per se ordinarily, you will still need one active to copy into your object property for example. It is only when used in a table or list that you might experience delays.

Thank you for your suggestion, I will advise the documents team accordingly.

Anything else please let us know.