Connecting 2 objects when a field matches

We have recently imported 2 data objects from an API call and was wondering what the best solution to connect these 2 objects is. We have a field in each that will be identical so we can match these in our external systems but was wondering how to get these 2 objects to connect automatically. What would be the easiest way to do this that won’t require manual intervention later? We are going to be having a lot of records in each object so manually assigning would be a lot of work.

The 2 objects are Agreement and Customer.

These are both to be connected on a field called ‘CustomerAltKey’ which is present in both objects.

There is a rule to “Add relationship by matching” for the properties of 2 objects.

You can use this to relate your objects.

Though how that would be triggered, be in the right sequence with the APIs, be the correct type of relationship, etc in your build I would not be able to advise.

I’ve tested this method and it works. What I have done is created the relationship between the objects to how we would like then created the rule to be triggered on a signal. We can then trigger the signal for a set time which won’t affect the API call or users during office hours.