COVID-19 Apps – Show-and-tell Friday 24th April 15:00

For this Friday’s show-and tell we will be demonstrating two apps. Both apps address the issue of monitoring staff wellness in this time of enforced distance working.

The first, COVID-19 Workforce Monitoring, has been produced by Netcall. It is a Module that can be installed into any existing Application and provides a simple interface for staff to update their wellness status. In addition, it provides management reports and a map interface showing the location of workers by status.

The second one has written by one of our partners, ROC Technologies. The Employee Health Situation Checker is a full-blown Accelerator that proactively emails members of staff on a daily basis, to which they are required to respond with their status.

We think you’ll find it interesting to see two different approaches to this problem. Hope you can join us! I’ll be providing details of how you can register shortly. Watch this space!

Stay safe, cheers, Tony

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Registration is now open! Just click here to sign-up.

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