Create or Update Case Send Data to Hub


With our services I am adding a field for emailing failed emails (form_owner_email - Remote Services). I wanted to then send this from the central to the hub and save it to the CASE (form_owner_email - CASE).

I’ve noticed there’s an API Endpoint in the hub called Chhost_endpoint with create_new_service_request I tried adding form_owner_email to the response but I can’t find anything on the central side where I can link it to the remote services form_owner_email.

Any ideas?


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Good Afternoon Robin,

Thank you for your question!

I would like to confirm if support contacted you regarding your query?

Please let me know if not, and I can check on this for you!

Thank you

Lisa V

Hi Robin, I have requested help from one of the Citizen Hub team. I understand they are already talking to you on this matter. Best Regards - Mark Pearson - AppShare Manager

Sorry ended up with the support team.

For other peoples info I was told they are soon to be making Remote Services into an object endpoint so I just added it to get all the info for the Service.