Create Show-and-tell this Thursday 13th August

This week we’ll be showing you our recently added Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) booking accelerator. You can register for the event here. You can also find out more about it here.

This Accelerator is designed to help manage the number of concurrent vehicles allowed on site at a HWRC. With residents keen to dispose of household waste that has been collected over the lockdown period, and in order to maintain social distancing whilst on site, there is a need to manage the number of vehicles that can attend a specific HWRC at any given time.

Simon Pike will walk you through the waste!

But that’s not all! You may have seen our blogs about the new Netcall Support Portal. We are also going to show you all the benefits of our new one-stop support shop.

Hopefully you can join us on Thursday.

Cheers, Tony

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