Creating a case in Citizen Hub

Hi guys, I am trying to create a case in citizen hub automatically. We have an agent, working on a case type A. Case type A, completes a process stage. At that point we want to initiate a case type B, which will go to a different set of agents to deal with. Case type B is an existing case type that citizens can create and will be processed through the system. We seem unable to create case type B automatically. Has anyone tried this and succeeded? Any assistance is welcome. Thanks, Bob.

There are a few different ways you can achieve this, but it will usually come down to a Rule, which is triggered when Case A hits the relevant stage.

Note that you will need a relationship between Case A and Case B objects on your data model, likely either a one-to-one (if Case A can only ever create one Case B), or a one-to-many (if Case A could create more than one Case B).

The “Add relation” rule action can be used to create the new blank Case B record down that relation path.

Alternatively a “Copy field values” rule could be used if you want to copy some of the values from Case A into Case B and create it at the same time.

There are other rules that would also achieve this, but one of those two is most likely.

Hi Bob, we have tried this, but in Citizen Hub, the case is create when Central accesses Host, and I believe that it is created by passing parameters through CS.Curl, which I don’t have access to, or I could mimic it. Thanks, Bob

Apologies, I did not notice this was in the CH Framework forum, in which case I’ll defer to someone with experience in that.

No bother Bob, thanks anyway for the response.