Creating relationships to multiple objects within a form


We’re trying to add functionality to a form that will allow us to create many relationships from the base object of the form to another object. As this object is down a many-many path, we can’t use the normal relation selector.

Ideally, we would like something similar to the relation selector that allows us to select multiple objects that will then be related to the base object when the form is submitted.

We’ve considered writing a custom widget/presenter to do this, but I was just wondering if there’s something more obvious that we’ve missed, or if there was any advice that could be given for creating this.

Thanks, Ewan

Hi. Have you tried the Relation Ticklist widget which is designed for to-many relationships? It is a separate widget so you will need to add it into a widget group along with your existing Form widget, for them to be submitted as one.

Note that you need to select the relevant relationship first at the top of the Widgets panel on the right, before adding the Relation Ticklist widget into your form, so it knows which relation path to use.

Hi Bob,

I didn’t even realise this widget existed, looks like its’s exactly what we’re after.

Thanks a lot, Ewan