Cs.variable() question

Does anyone know if you can use the cs.variable() function in CS to write anything other than “String” data to variables ?

For example lets assume I wanted to write an uploaded image into an Image variable ?

For context, I have a data table that contains a whole bunch of (client specific) application configuration - which is then copied (via code studio app) into various pre existing variables for use in create. All good with pretty much every type of data type I need apart from images.

I cant use the images repository in this case as I need the image to be “selectable / configurable” and not a static file.

I have the data type of the property as Image and my variable is also of type Image.

I can certainly get the value of the stored image via cs.read_file() function but I’m not sure this string representation is compatible with cs.variable set method. Ive tried both “encoding” options with no success !!!

Hey @Haydn.Haynes - I will see if I can get you a reply. :slight_smile:

Hey again @Haydn.Haynes - I have been told that this is currently not possible. Worth raising and Idea in the Ideas Portal! :slight_smile:

sad frowny face :frowning_face: !!!

Yeah I figured that would probably be the case !!!

To be fair, knowing you - if it were possible you would have achieved it! :star2:

:blush: in fact I have a workaround (ahem … hack around) for now !!!

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idea raised - since I think it would be a useful addition.