Custom checkbox returning error

Hi All,

Trying to write some custom markup (copy the GDS example) for checkboxes to use but keep getting an error where a ‘NON-EXISTENT’ error appears in the logic for the checkbox, see the attached photo.

So looking at some of the other issues with checkboxes mentioned on the forum, there is something I am missing to get the checkbox to integrate with the backend of LC. Despite my best efforts I can’t seem to get it work though as the markup for the default checkbox isn’t available to examine,

Any help with this would be much appreciated!


Assuming you are using a Code Studio presenter for the checkbox, then only the “Hide” action will be available. If you previously had a different dependency action selected, and then changed the Presenter to a Code Studio one, you will get this NON-EXISTENT value entry, to prompt you to change or remove the dependency.

Code Studio presenters only support the Hide action for Dependencies, as the HTML and JS functionality for them is bespoke and so the platform cannot interact with them to perform other actions.

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Thanks for the knowledge, will be useful in future.