Dashbaords- How to set one to default?

I need to view various dashboard so I have access to 5 Dashbaords which I go onto throughout the day to check. However it keeps defaulting back to the same one and it’s not the one I want. What dictates the default dashboard and can I change this?


There are certain ways you can organise your navigation hierarchy but Netcall provide best practices in the help portal under “Interfaces”.

Your interface will drop into the default top tab. This will then drop into the default viewport. So it would be best to check these 2 are set correctly with respect to the page you want to land on.

After that the sub tabs and pages should come out in the order that they are listed. So if you go into the Sub Tab and order it accordingly (Top will be first) and the same in the Pages this should allow you to land where you wanted to.

Let me know if you have any issues,