Data upload of pdf files


Please can you advise how we go about uploading pdf’s from one Liberty Create environment to another? The pdf’s are part of a record which we are uploading to another system. There does not seem to be a way to use Export and Import files to do this: if you include the file’s field it just returns an integer in the Export csv or xlsx file. I have tried composites too with the same result.

This article on the community suggests using the Drop Zone file uploader, but that would upload all files to a single case record. It does not seem to meet the requirement.

Method to import file attachments? - Liberty Create - Build Advice - Netcall Community

Is the solution to do the upload using an API ? The API will post the file to the new environment.

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Afternoon Mark,

If they are two Create instances on the same controller, you could use Remote Object sync to transfer the files. Alternatively an API would be the simplest option as opposed to syncing the files via SFTP as per your linked post.

Let me know how you get on.


Thanks Adam. We did the bulk of the data upload using Export / Import files and then set up an API call to run after import which matches an Id from the source system with the same on the destination system and updates the destination record with the pdf.

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