Default setting for template

Is it possible to get the default setting for a template element on a page to unframed rather than framed, as if it is framed it doesn’t pick up any custom site CSS - this keeps catching us out.

Also, as an idea, could we have settings so we can choose a default presenter / wrapper per element ourselves for example we always use title above (as per GDS style guide) so it would be easier if this could be set as default for us.


I second both of these feature requests!

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Hi Kevin,

I think we deliberately made it framed by default because at the time it seemed most didn’t want the interface’s CSS spilling into the template. It is hard for us to gauge which would be the more common preference.

Do you commonly have pages inside your templates that need the normal interface styling applied to it? Or is it that you want to author the CSS for all your templates in the Interface’s CSS (the alternative being authoring it within each template)?

(As an aside, pages-within-templates-within-pages seems to be quite commonly used even though we didn’t anticipate this. In case it removes your need to use this complex arrangement, we have recently added a “List by Subpage” widget to 2020.1).

Regarding your second point about wanting to change the default wrapper, we do love that idea. We appreciate that this would save you time and makes it easier to create consistency and easier to make changes across the board from one place.

Our hope has been to provide this facility in a generic way such that any setting’s default can be set globally. This is a large task and isn’t scheduled to be done in the foreseeable. If it really is just the presenter and wrapper that users need, we could get just implement settings for these. Further thoughts on this welcome.


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We haven’t yet used pages within templates (only templates within pages) but in any case we would still want our CSS to be applied, as this means everything is accessible and consistent with our style guide which flows from the web, through to the e-forms.

We have worked out that templates are really useful if you have repeated elements on pages (titles etc) and you can change all pages in one go by updating the template - so it is likely we will use them more and more.

On the second point, defaults for all settings is a great ambition, but for now we would be happy with wrappers and presenters.

Another example of how useful this would be is that we present choices as radio buttons 90% of the time. In this instance we would like the ‘nothing selected’ to be unticked by default too.