Deleting records from an object

I am importing data into an object for the first time. Sadly I did not read @adam.mills post on this Importing data into an object.

I have managed to import some 600 empty records! I have now sorted my problem, but how can I delete all these records without doing it one at a time, and without deleting the object?

This can be done by creating a signal to fire a rule.
Within the Rule Response select the ‘Delete Record’ action, this will clear all records from your object.

If you wish to just clear out the 600 blanks or other items with an identical trait, create a subset on the object first and apply that to the rule response.

Because it is a signal you can set it to fire manually from the signal screen without needing to create an interface to house a button.

It is worth noting that a signal behaves differently to a rule in this instance as there is no record context in which to operate so it acts across the whole object. A rule would act within the context of where it was fired.

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Thanks Adam. That worked a treat

Also, when deleting records please don’t forget to remove any other (orphaned) related data that could get automatically created along with those 600 empty records.


Thanks @marek.kwapisz. Sound advice!