Disable SSL certificate verification in the external REST call

Hi Team,
I am having an scenario in which i am make a external REST call from the MATS BPM to another the local server which is ‘Self Secure Certified’ (HTTPS).
As it is not trusted ‘Certificate Authority’ SSL certificate.
it is showing certification is not valid 2: when I make an API call from external system I am receiving this error (Failed - Received HTTP code 403 from proxy after CONNECT).

Do we have any solution for the same ?
Do we have any option for disabling the SSL Certification verification ?
Or Can we add external Certificate to the MATS BPM ?

Thank you for your submission Maulin, this is one for our security team, please leave it with me and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Many Thanks

HI Adam,
For batter understanding,
local server means I am running another web application to the JBOSS server and trying make an REST call from MATS BPM to my web application.