DKIM configuration for email sending domains


We need to change the sending domain of our outgoing emails so that they are consistent with other organization communications.

Therefore, I’ve asked our IT team to set-up the DKIM config. They’ve come back to me asking for the…

“DKIM Key or TXT Record from Netcall to input on our External DNS Record.”

Can someone point me in the direction of any documentation etc describing how to get hold of these?

I can’t find anything in the BUILD Studio. The controller has settings to allow for the creation of custom domains, (I have a suspicion this is where I need to start) but the description only references these for use in application hosting, not email/DKIM.




I thought it was the other way around, your IT team need to generate the DKIM Key and DNS value and give it to you to put into Liberty create - been a while since we did it mind you, so I might be remembering wrong.

I should add, the config in Liberty Create is in the communications section of the app under email sending domains

Hi Kevin

Yep, I found the config section. What I was expecting was for my IT team to create the keys, configure the DNS, and then tell me what to put in the selector field (this seemed to correspond with the Youtube vids and documentation I’ve seen surrounding DKIM), but, I think I’ve worked it out.

I created the domain and made up my own selector, and Create creates the public key and DNS info etc. I’ve forwarded this to our IT, so hopefully we can make some progress.

Never done anything with DKIM before so a bit of confusion on my part.

Thanks for taking the time to respond.


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