Download from Appshare

Hi guys, I am trying to download the CH Central and CH Host apps, and after pressing the accept terms and conditions, I get the following, which does not allow the download.

Any help apprecaiated.

You cannot download the apps as such. You just need to copy that code, then when you go to create a new app in your Controller you will have the option to create from an Accelerator, and it will ask you for the code.

Just to add to this guys, Bob is correct you use the code to deploy any accelerator in AppShare, however the two CH core framework accelerators cannot be downloaded. The Framework is still free to any Create user, but because there are some very specific architecture approaches we have introduced a new CH training course, and we also help customers deploy and become self sufficient in creating and sharing new modules, or downloading them from AppShare. If anyone wants to deploy CH we ask you go via your account manager or Netcall contact. Robert we have started this process for you so will be in touch directly very soon to get you up and running.

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