Drop Zone File Uploader UPDATE!

Hello Everyone, we have a widget available on AppShare called Drop Zone File Uploader. It was written by Pavel, one of our Senior Devs here at Necall and has proved to be highly popular with Community Members. We have had some very positive reviews and feedback on this item as well as some suggestions for how it could be further improved.

One of the suggestions was to add the ability to be able to add files but not submit them fully until such time as a Submit button is clicked, allowing the user to review their selections before committing them to submission. Unfortunately this exact functionality is not possible with this particular item as the widget in question is not based around a form format.

However, we do have a new version being developed by the Author and it has many new functions and setting options, including the ability to easily remove any files submitted in error. It’s in testing and will be added to the AppShare once testing is complete and the new documentation that details the additional functionality has been completed. I will announce its release date on this thread once everything is completed and the improved version is available to download.

The current Drop Zone File Uploader widget is available to download here: Drop Zone File Uploader

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who take time to send us reviews and feedback on the AppShare items you have downloaded. We do listen to this and act upon it whenever time and resource permits, so please keep sending us your valued thoughts on all things AppShare related as it helps us improve our offering for you all.

Best Regards,
Mark Pearson
AppShare Manager