Duplicating a mortgage case ( Partial )

Hi all, I have been tasked with creating a function to copy a whole mortgage case into a new mortgage application (then redirect) , I have used a rule with “duplicate record” however this will only let me act on one object where as the mortgage case has many objects related and I need to partially select some of these properties to be copied over too, any ideas on how to do this efficiently?
Any comments or help are massively appreciated!
Thanks :slight_smile:

At the bottom of the “Duplicate record(s)” rule you should see a Relations section and an “Add Relation” button. This is where you can start specifying related records that should also be duplicated at the same time.

For to-many relationships (attached documents, notes etc) you can duplicate all of those and they will be related to the new Case record.

For to-one relationships you can decide whether to duplicate the related record, or link to the existing one. The latter will be used where for example your Case links to a specific user/team/account etc and you need the new Case to do the same, but without actually duplicating the user/team/account.

Composites don’t have stored values (they are calculations) so you don’t need to duplicate them, they will exist on the new record automatically and their value will be calculated based on the new record’s values.

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