Editable List by Subpage in v2024


With the release notes added for the pending v2024.1, will the new “Added the ability to reuse the same subpage within forms” change mean the List by Subpage widget can now be editable, and not only read-only (so we can use a one-to-many relation, instead of needing to add multiple 1-1s to an object to save multiple records)?

Best wishes

Hi James, I will try and get an answer from our Core Team on this one for you.

Regards - MP

Hi James, I have spoken with my chums in the core team and the answer is no! This change was more to do with being able to use the same subpage multiple times in a form. Prior to this change multiple uses of the subpage on the same page, would not perform as expected. You can now use a subpage more than once and they will all submit correctly. I hope this answers your question.

Regards - MP

Thanks for the update @mark.pearson , I’ll submit it to the Ideas portal. Would be really helpful to avoid the hard limit and time of needing to create multiple 1-1 relations between Objects and allow a page to change based on data rather than Build studio setup.

Thanks James. It’s these ideas submitted through the Portal, that help us improve the platform for all of us, so we really appreciate you taking time to do this! I will look out for your Idea submission and will upvote it for you! MP