Email not getting sent in test instance

Hello all,
I am facing a strange issue regarding emails. In the build instance, all emails are communicated/delivered as expected. e.g. Welcome email when a user is added (not the default - a custom one), email to a fixed email when a case is added to a specific subset.
However, none of these emails are getting triggered in test instance after promoting.

Not sure if I am missing any configurations. But this is the first time the issue has come up.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions/solutions.

Hey Shyam,
The first thing to check is that you have your Communications switched on in the Test Environment. Go to Build Studio > Communications > Controls and confirm that these settings are as you expected.


Hi Meike,
Thanks for the swift response.

Yes, the communication controls are switched on for Emails, SMS and Push.

Hey Shyam,
I will send you an email to pick this up further.
I will confirm back in this forum trail afterwards if it is something that could be an issue / useful information for others as well.

Hi Guys, could this be a SysAdmin issue? Sometimes they need to authorise communications from new environments. Meike: Maybe Stuart H can help with this issue. MP

Yes, it is possible of course. I will give the app a quick once-over with Shyam.

Hi Shyam,

Have you resolved this?

If outbound emails are sent reliably in Build env, but not Test env, a couple of other things to check:

  1. The Channel Identity, if “Environment uniformity” set to “Individual”, has the necessary settings input for the Test environment?

  2. The sending Rules are not “Restricted by environment” and excluding Test.

  3. Comms is on (as Meike says above).

If all the config looks correct then the Detective in Monitor Studio should give clues as to why the sending rule is being skipped etc.


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