Email template (editable)

Hi All,

I would like to know if there is a way to use an email template, but make it editable, so staff can use this is as a good starting point for sending a message.

I understand we have freeform message, and templates.
I would ideally like something of a hybrid - eg an editable template.

This is an example of what the message would look like?

So they could edit the INSERT REQUEST HERE, not type the whole message.

Am I right in assuming, if I want staff to be able to edit the message content I will have to use a freeform message, and get staff to write the entire email.

Or am I missing something…?

Many Thanks for your guidance.
I’m new to Liberty Create and doing my certification currently.
Thanks Jonathan
East Hants District Council

I have tried to use the Content “Edit Mode” - to see if this allows me edit the template once opened, but it appears it only allows you to Edit the message within Admin interface…which seems like an incorrect implementation - as it would make far more sense for it to allow the end user to edit the message, not the person setting it up.

Many Thanks

Hi Jonathan

The process is a little convoluted, but I recently just did this in a similar Create project. I have put the steps for doing this process into a guide for you.

I’ve tried to add the PDF to this discussion but it doesn’t like the file format (needs to be an image file or nothing). If you still need the help just drop me an email ( and I will send the PDF with the guide/steps over to you.

Alternatively (brief synopsis) - you need to set up an object for your templates (using rules), copy the contents over into your case, this case field can then be made editable and sent via email.

Thanks Andrew, I will email you on Monday. Seems odd they call them templates and you can’t use them as a template, eg select and then enable the user to amend slightly. Appreciate your help.

Hello Jonathan,

Something that would work with your use case is to use the ‘Add Freetext’ option within your message. Using your missing customer information email above as an example, replace the INSERT REQUEST HERE text with the Add Freetext option displayed in the toolbar within the Content section of the message (to the left of the language drop down menu that currently displays English).

Once the message is saved it can then be used with the Messaging Widget on a page. When the message is selected to be sent via the widget, a free type box is displayed to the user asking them to add their own text, this text is then added to the message wherever the Add Freetext option has been added when it’s sent

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Thanks Fabio - I figured there would be a way!