Empty Properties within a Composite

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On a case I have two choice properties, ‘District’ and ‘Legacy District’.

There are a number of identical values within both properties, however ‘Legacy District’ also contains some unique values.
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A case would only ever have a value saved within one of the above fields - never both.
The two properties are included within a composite which is [District][Legacy District].‏‎ ‎
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The issue i have is when using the composite within a pivot table.
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11x Cases where ‘District’ is set to ‘Barrow’ and ‘Legacy District’ is empty
1x Case where ‘District’ is empty and ‘Legacy District’ is set to ‘Barrow’

I would expect to see 12x Cases on one row


Is there a way this can be achieved?

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Hi @Karl
Thanks for posting. I’ll get someone to come back to you asap.
Cheers, Tony

Hi Karl, I have built a little test jig to try and replicate what you are trying to achieve and have encountered the same issue. I think it’s something to do with how composites work under the hood in these situations. I have found a way to make it do what you want. You will need to do the following:

1.Create a single line text property called District ACTUAL
2. Create a rule that copies the District COMPOSITE value into the new field above.
3. Base your pivot table Row upon the new District ACTUAL property.

Your values should now roll into one line.

I hope I have understood what you are trying to achieve correctly. Please message back and let me know if this achieves what you are looking for.

Regards - MP

NB. Also be sure that both the District value and the Legacy District value are EXACTLY the same, checking for spurious spaces, fullstops etc.

Thanks Mark, sounds like a good solution.