Error log/audit would be useful - relying on detective but can only see latest 2 hours for most of the time

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone has created/used anything like detective but something that only captures errors?

We are still in our early stages of using Netcall Liberty Create as a system for our online forms so we are still teasing out issues and rather than going into detective several times a day or relying on customers/staff letting us know they come across issues it would be nice to have access to somewhere that records the issues and which form/case they’ve occurred on and when.


Hey @Erin12 ! :slight_smile:

What kind of issues / errors would you want capturing?
Issues such as ‘customer/staff are unable to input the data they want as the underlying data field is misconfigured’ or rather system-related issues (ie. red banners)?
An example might clear it up if you have one? :slight_smile:


Hi Erin,

Within monitor studio, you have the detective which you have been using, but couple with that there is a “Problems” page. This problems page captures anything that comes out in detective as an error (the red lines) and displayed here for you to manage.

You are also able to level this up by adding your email as an alert subscriber (which is done per environment, not something that is in snapshots) where you can define a frequency to send you regular reports of any errors that are displayed on the problems page which may help you keep on top of anything coming up without the repeated manual intervention inside detective.

It is worth remembering, detective has a resource impact on your environment whilst running, this scales with how busy your application is so should be a last resort diagnostics tool in live. Detective is not a prerequisite for the problems page to capture issues so could be a better option for what you are looking for.


Thanks both,
This problems page sounds exactly what I’m looking for - where can I find that?

Initially I’m just wanting to look at the errors triggered at the end of forms so these have been showing up in detective- example from this morning- spotted an error in detective saying one of our hosts was missing the live capita url so customers not reported yet but will have been unable to use payment forms on that host for a couple of days

Hi Erin,

This can be found under /studios/monitor/problems

Under Monitor Studio you should see these 2 icons,


Exclamation mark is the problems page, envelope is where you can subscribe to alerts.

More info can be found here -


Ignore last question, found the problems page in the only environment we’ve upgraded to latest version so presume I will have to wait until we upgrade the other hosts. Thanks