Error: 'The end date of the calendar has been exceeded - 2022-12-31

COVID-19 Household Waste Recycling Centre Booking 2020 accelerator

We are adapting this accelerator to help our Recycling Centres manage van and trailer access to our sites.

We have downloaded the most recent version and are working through the adaptations we need to make. We have encountered the following error in detective:

‘The end date of the calendar has been exceeded - 2022-12-31’

It doesn’t prevent bookings from being made, but it looks like it does mean that the calendar view is not populated with any bookings.

We have not been able to work out how/where we can change the calendar expiry date. Has anyone come across this?

East Lothian Council

Hi Nicky, thank you for your message. I will endeavour to have one of my Citizen Hub colleagues look into this issue for you and hopefully get back with a response!

Regards - Mark Pearson
AppShare Manager

Thank you, we will wait to hear from you.

Hi Nicky, I understand that Darren has resolved the issue for you! MP