Facebook updates its Messenger API - How this impacts your chatbot

Hi all,

On December 2nd, Facebook announced it is updating its Messenger API as part of its continuing efforts to comply with new privacy rules in Europe. This will impact many of the 300,000+ chatbots which are currently live on its platform. This means that, from 16th December, several parts of Messenger API will not be available for developers and businesses.

What does this mean for Liberty Connect?

Of course, we wanted to let you know about this, and how we think it will impact the customer experience on your page. Text messages and quick replies will not be affected, but Liberty Connect will no longer be able to:

  • retrieve public profile information of your Facebook Messenger users
  • send typing indicators, or read receipts, to your Facebook Messenger users
  • receive media other than images (i.e. audio, video, and files) from Facebook Messenger users (Messenger will notify users that their attachment will not reach your page)

We will continue to keep you updated as Facebook releases any further information. As the deadline for change is short, rest assured that we are doing our best to help you prepare. Please get in touch at support@netcall.com if you would like assistance.

Cheers, Tony