Filtering Service Group by Permissions

Hi there,

Wanting to display the list within Service group on the Service Request page as defined by access to Permissions Groups/Service Groups within Admin > Users

I have tried to apply the subset defined for the group of users which in turn uses Service Groups in Service Groups within Admin > Users but it doesn’t seem to want to take. Couldn’t find a reference to this in the learning docs either.

I asked a very similar question to this that advised to change the presenter but the presenter for the dropdown lives in a Search box and lists less options.

Any helps would be much appreciated!


Hi Craig,

If you select your ‘Service group’ dropdown and on the ‘User restriction path’ setting specify the following relationship path:

  • GU Mapping to Internal User
  • Group to GU Mapping

This should restrict this dropdown list to service groups that are related to the user by their assigned groups. Please be aware that you also have a ‘Limit to Subset’ applied to this fragment so the resulting service groups will also be filtered by the definition of the subset selected here


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