First time API Query - not seeking to update records in Citizen/Tenant Hub

Hi all,

This is my first time setting up anything API within Liberty Create and I am generally new to Liberty Create so bear with me. I was hoping I could get some guidance for my scenario here.

We are implementing a new repairs system (not Liberty Create) and would like to pull contact information from our Citizen/Tenant Hub system when raising a new repair job, this is so the repair worker has the absolute up to date contact information for the tenant raising the request.

So we are not seeking to update any records in Citizen/Tenant Hub, simply allowing another system to check contact details and this is where I struggled with the documentation/learning.

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Afternoon Louise,

Welcome to the Community.

This may require a little back and forth.

There are many ways to expose data to another system, but by the sounds of it, you are looking for a real-time API method. What is possible will depend on the capabilities of the third-party application, however, if it supports API requests at all, it should hopefully support making RESTful get or post requests and support either JSON or XML responses.

Are you able to name the 3rd Party Application and/or do you have any documentation?

Setting up an API is fairly simple, however, connectivity needs to be considered (Firewalls and Routing), supported authentication (access to Create needs to be secured) etc.

Many Thanks

Good morning Adam,

Thank you for your response, very helpful.

I am still waiting for further info from the 3rd party application. I am also unsure whether I can share documentation due to commercial sensitivity but I have asked if it’s possible. The 3rd party app is called Total Mobile and the connection will be with Service Connect (Connect Web Services).



Hi Adam,

Just got the ok to share documentation but I can’t seem to share PDFs here.



Morning Louise,

Given that they have a connection service it is likely they will be able to conform to whatever API you care to create.

I would recommend you create an API Function and Endpoint to achieve what is required using a simple Get Request. Create is self-documenting and once created, you can download a generated PDF for the Endpoint and Function. You can then share this with the third-party.

Please let me know if you run in to any difficulties.

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