Forward email in native format to another recipient

Hi, and HNY!

We have created an email-to-case solution as part of CHCentral. Emails to our main council email address all go into a single queue in CHCentral, we wrap them up in a case and send them to the service. This is all good for the majority of our services.

We have a team who have their own CRM and EDRMS system. They need the emails to arrive in their native format, not wrapped in a case with the message attached.

Is there a rule, or a code studio event action we can create to “forward email” so it sends the original email to another email address without manipulating the original email?


Hi Kevin, happy new year!

I don’t believe that there is a native action that will allow us to forward an existing message in the system; the ‘free form forward’ message type is designed for use with a messaging widget so a user can define the recipient and amend the message content manually.

A potential solution might be to perform the following, which basically allows you to create a new message based on the original that you want to forward:

  1. Create a new relationship from the Messages object to itself, use ‘one-to-many’ and call this relationship ‘forwarded message’. This will allow us to use the message itself as the base record and gives us a relation path to save the forwarded message

  2. Create a new Message called ‘Forwarded Message’ with a base object of ‘Messages’ set the Content source and Recipient source to both be ‘Message’

  3. Set the Message recipient(s) to be either fixed or record based, matching the intended recipients of these ‘forwarded’ messages

  4. In the message content tab add the ‘Email subject’ property from the base record to the subject field and add the ‘Content (HTML)’ property to the Content field. This will essentially copy these bits from the original message into the ‘forwarded’ email

  5. Create a rule that has a base record of ‘Messages’ that will be triggered when you want a message to be forwarded to your colleagues