Freeze display of nugget widgets like Excel's Freeze Top Row

Is there any way to have nugget widgets at the top of the page behave like Excel Freeze Top Row so that it remains visible whilst scrolling down the page below them. My expectation was that by using a Nugget Sub Page in the Viewport that it would remain visible as the main below was scrolled down. It does not appear to work that way.

Hi Jonathan

Good question, here’s how I’d approach it pre 10.2:

Try using a List by Template with an Asset/Template you create in html and import into the editor.

Create a html file with content similar to below… my html/css is a little rusty but the principle is ok and may work in the template.

Hope this points you in the right direction, Jonathan, in the meantime, I’ll look into whether there are any enhancements in 10.2 that address this directly.

Hi Jonathan,

My name is Mark and I am a Platform Solution Developer at Matssoft and I am here to help you.

In Mats v10.2 you can achieve what you want straight out of the box. To achieve the functionality you want you need to perform the following steps.

Create a viewport with the based object of the element you are wishing to view nuggets for, e.g. Case.

You then need to create a new page and select Utilisation type “Sub Page” and give this sub page the same base object of the viewport you created above e.g. CASE.

You can then in layout, add fields of data you wish to see as a constant whilst in a particular record, such as Case Reference, Date Created etc etc and save your page.

If you then return to the viewport you created and edit it, then go to the Basics tab and select the Sub Page you created from the available drop down field called Nugget Sub Page, your nuggets should appear on all pages that reside below this sub page.

I hope this helps. If you need further help with this please don’t hesitate to shout and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Regards - MP

Hi Mark,

Thanks for coming back to me, that sounds like exactly what I need. I just need to get my instance updated to 10.2 at some point. The application I am creating in on “netcall-staff-controller”. I will speak to Adam Mills as when this could be done.