Generate xlsx or csv and save to an object property

We know that we can create an Export File Type of CSV or xlsx, which we generate by clicking the button in the Export widget.

Is it possible to trigger this functionality on an event? If the output could be saved to a record in a File object. The output could be transferred to an SFTP server or emailed to a recipient.

Trying this on a 10.3 version.

Afternoon Craig,

Yes this should be possible if you fire the export as a global rule.
At the bottom of the Export File Type screen you have a “Save Export File to New Record” checkbox.
Once selected you can choose an object and field to save the resulting export file to.
At the end of the new field is “Saved Record Event”, here you could trigger an event to send the file via SFTP.

Let me know if you need any further assistance.

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Awesome, that will do it.