Have you seen our latest additions to the AppShare?

We’ve got some new releases for you to enhance your Create experience! Firstly SafeDesk, our hot-desk booking app is live and ready for download- it can be used by staff to book, and check in and out of desks and meeting rooms in your offices, helping your organisations stay COVID safe. Check out the app here, or watch the Show & Tell session here.

Next is a Skills Matrix accelerator, where your staff can score themselves out of 10 on different skills, add comments, and administrators can review these and set up training accordingly.

There are also some ESRI Map presenters, also on Create. ESRI Map presenter allows you to display a single Lat/Long point on an ESRI or ArcGIS map, which is an alternative to the Google Maps presenter that’s built into Create. The ESRI Map Input presenter works similarly to the previous, however it also allows you to restrict the map placement point within a defined boundary (polygon).

Take a look on the AppShare now.

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