Have you seen our latest changes to the Ideas Portal?

Hey everyone,

Did you know we had a few updates done to the Ideas Portal? Here is an insight on what has been going on:

  • The planned/actual release version is now shown in the List view, not just the individual idea view.
  • Emails sent to notify about Planned or Completed tasks will include the relevant version (where set).
  • “Unplanned” renamed “Not Planned”.
  • Status badges now have tooltips.
  • The whole Up/down vote button is now clickable (not just the little icon). It also has tooltips, and shows as locked when you can no longer vote (Completed Ideas for example) instead of just appearing not to work.
  • Image/screenshot attachment improvements:
    • Image can be added when you first create an Idea
    • In List view, Ideas with an attachment now show a paperclip symbol
    • Images moved to a separate Image object (instead of a property), with potential to allow for attaching more than one in future.

If you have any ideas you would like to share, why not submit them through our ideas portal?


Lisa V