Have you seen the new Presenters on AppShare?

Hi all
We have some cool (unlike the temperature!) new little presenters for you to use in your applications:

How about a Sliding Boolean Switch?

or some Pretty Boolean Switches?

How about a Red / Amber / Green Status Presenter?

Do you want to add CAPTCHA checking to your forms to make sure it’s not being filled in by a BOT? The reCAPTCHA Integration Presenter uses Google reCAPTCHA to perform this task.

Last, but not least we have an Event Action that extracts GPS data from an image. JPEG images, as produced by most modern cameras and phones MAY contain a great deal of
metadata about the image. These include the make and model of camera, focal length, aperture,
brightness etc. They may also include GPS information about where the photograph was taken.
If it is present, the GPS information may be extracted and display

We hope you use and enjoy these, and, if you do, please leave feedback so that we know!

Have a great weekend!

Cheers, Tony