Help with "Add Relationship to logged in user"


In our application we have a facility whereby users can add a note to a case they are working on to record any supplemental information.

When a user submits a note an event on the button triggers a rule to copy the details to the notes object, where the record created event is used to add a relationship to the logged in user to indicate who created it.

This was originally set up in Jan 2020 and has been working without issue.

However, since we upgraded to 22.3 we’ve been getting reports from our users that the notes are having the wrong user associated with them.

Does anyone have any ideas why this may now be creating issues?


Hi Dominic,

Could you please log this issue with our support team and I’ll try and review the issue as soon as I can.

The best way to get help and for the fastest response is to use the link below and create a support ticket directly.

Alternatively you can email

Here is some advice for creating a support ticket, to help you get the best response possible.

Many Thanks


I’ve now raised a ticket.
Thanks in advance for your assistance Adam.