How can we install 'CH Garden Waste' module implemented on version - Citizen Hub 2021.3 to an app which is on a later version (Citizen Hub 2023.1)

We want to install the CH Garden Waste Module from AppShare in to our Services host.

But the issue is, the Module that’s on AppShare is in an older version to our host.

Version CH Garden Waste module has been implemented on - Citizen Hub 2021.3
Version of our Host application - 2021.3

Can we know how to install this Module to our host application please?

Thank you

Hi @Mihiri.Kotalawela

Thanks for your enquiry. We understand that you have subsequently been in contact with our solution architect team and another customer who has a working Garden Waste solution in a production environment. Our solution architect will continue to support that line of enquiry. They will also update you in respect of recent developments from the CH team and, in particular, changes resulting from the recent upgrade of CH to Liberty Create version 23.1. A number of applications and modules have been upgraded to version 23.1. These are currently being reviewed by our test team. Further updates will be made in AppShare shortly.


Lisa V

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