How do I set the "Visibility requirements" for multi level relation selector

I have a multi-level relation selector, and I want to show/hide some content (in purple), when I go to set the visibility requirements for the relation selector, I cant see any values listed, so unable to set… It just shows “Please select”. I need to be able to look for the value “Leaver”.

Is there a way of doing this out of the box, or will I need a fragment callback or other code studio element?

Thanks Jonathan (East Hampshire District Council)

Hi Jonathan,

It looks like you are using a relation selector here. If so then in order to use it in conditions on any other page component, a special record would have to be declared to isolate a specific value you are looking for, else it is considered just a collection of records which could be anything.


Thanks Carl
I will investigate the use of Special Records and give it a go.

Hi Carl,

I have created a Special Record called “ITS Request Subtype > Leaver” as shown below.

And used the ID for the correct record in the ITS Request Subtype Data object, which was 1641 for the Build environment (I did make the mistake of trying to use the context_record_id first).

I then set the visibility requirements to relation selector and the special record.

And hey presto, its now working, Thanks for helping me out, I now understand another feature of Netcall.

Thanks, Jonathan