How to do Drop down action in web page

I need to select the 2nd option in the drop-down how to do this

Hi Srinath,

There are multiple ways to go about this.

The most robust way is by using the “Select item from dropdown element” Chrome browser activity. You need to pass in the element variable to which you have assigned the dropdown element. If you need to select the second option, use value 1 for the index.

Alternatively, you can highlight the dropdown by pressing Tab (“Press Key” activity) until you reach the dropdown element. Then by using the “Type text” activity you can type the value you would like to select. This should perform the selection in the dropdown.

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Hi Koen,

I need to know “HOW TO GIVE WEB ELEMENT IN CHROME-BASED ACTIONS.” that’s enough for me.

For the general purpose, your team needs to create a one-course video about chrome-based actions in that video u need to explain all topics of chrome-based actions

Hi Srinath,

Thank you for your answer. I hope my answer above is helpful to you to move forward in building your automations in Liberty RPA.

Documentation with regards to the Browser-related activities can be found in the Documentation portal (

Please note that browser automation related capabilities are covered in our Academy ( course “Liberty RPA - Advanced Functions” (LRPALP0002). More specifically in the eLearning course “Liberty RPA Advanced Browser Functions”.

If you do not have access to the documentation or eLearnings, please reach out to your account or partner manager to request access.

We appreciate any feedback with regards to the contents of our course and documentation.

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