How to filter and show duplicate event dates at the same premises?

Hi all,
Looking for a solution to show our Events team when a customer has applied to hold an event at a premises that has already been approved for a different event.

The best I have so far come up with is a concatenated list of all event dates associated with a premises, but it’s extremely unfriendly to look at, and as more data is added, becomes basically useless.

Is there any way to condition the concatenated list to only show duplicate dates?

Alternative solutions are extremely welcome too!!

Hi Jo,

Have you considered using the Liberty Create’s booking functionality?
IE Prevent the duplicates being created in the first place by making the premises a “resource” that can only have one booking per timeslot.

I think there is a course in the Academy on booking (if you are new to it).

Happy to try to suggest other options if that seems overkill.


Hi Paul, there are a number of reasons the booking functionality isn’t really suitable.
The main one is that the licences in question can apply at any location in our council boundary, including places that don’t have postal addresses, so managing the resource database would basically be impossible.
I also don’t want to rebuild a process that is otherwise functioning well.
I just need a way to alert the team that an event has already been approved on that date (and if possible on the dates either side) at the same premises, thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Jo,

I understand your justification for not using Booking functionality.

Quick other thoughts:

  • Create a relationship from Event-application to Event-application (ie to self) then use a rule to “Add relationship by matching” on creation of the event-application, matching by (1) related premise id and (2) the event date. (Note I think this will match to its own record!).
  • Then you could use a listing to show these related events, alongside other pertinent data about them.
  • In case you didn’t know, you should be able to use Composite functions to get the day before and the day after an event. I imagine you could duplicate the rule about for these two other dates as well, enabling you to list events on the day before, same day or day after.

(I hope my suggestions don’t stop others making alternative suggestions!)


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