How to import a list of choices in to a Choice datatype?

How do i import a list in to the the choices (Name and Display Name) of a Choice datatype?
I have a page where the customer needs to pick from a list of countries. I have country list in excel and want to import this in to the choices list instead of having to manually add the counties one at a time.



I’m not sure if this can be done in a choice datatype, but a way we’ve done it in the past is to create an object for the choices and relate it to the base object, then use a relation selector on the page for the dropdown, and we used an import file type to populate the records from a CSV.


As Evan says or alternatively if the relationship is not needed but rather just the text. You can use this presenter to choose a text value from an unrelated object and it will submit the text accordingly.

Hey @spavins , have you considered using the Property Data Type ‘Country’ which allows you to select from a pre-defined list of countries?


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Thanks for the replies. I went down the Country data type route for this as the list of countries is already created. I will need to look at the ‘object’ route in future for other ling lists we have.

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